The KSCC will be regrouped to include only members relevant to the Revolution


Kantarawaddy Times

The conference of the Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC) will be held in early 2023, and the newly formed council will be regrouped to include only members participating in the Revolution.

Regarding the issue, a member of the current KSCC committee, Bishop Lee, gave the following remarks to the Kantarawaddy Times on December 12th: “During the time of the Revolution, we established certain standing structures. Some are specifically related to current conditions. For other issues, the relationship to the Revolution isn’t clear, and we need to clarify it. For those things that are not specifically related, we intend to group them outside the KSCC structures.”

He said that 17 KSCC councilors will be elected after the interim plan is approved at next year’s conference.

The newly-reconstituted KSCC will be the governing political structure of Karenni State, and will determine the shape of the National Unity Government administration in the state. The KSCC stated that it will guide the relevant executive, legislative, and judicial sectors in order to implement the political formation plan.

The KSCC was formed on April 9, 2021 by ethnic Revolutionary armed groups, political party representatives who won the November 2020 election, social groups, and youth and women representatives. Within a year of its establishment, the National League for Democracy (NLD) and the New Kayan Party (NKP) joined the KSCC as members, but they later decided to withdraw. They were allowed to resign after mutual discussion among the relevant committee members, according to KSCC committee member Mr Kelly.

“First, the New Kayan Party withdrew, and then the NLD. At the time of the NKP’s exit, there were no official statements about it from the legal representatives. The NLD, on the other hand, made official communications. After mutual discussion, they were allowed to officially resign. The KSCC and the NLD will continue with a strong alliance,” said Mr Kelly.

Regarding the NLD resignation from KSCC, Kantarawaddy Times contacted some of the NLD officials who participated in KSCC, but they have not replied yet.

Although the NLD party withdrew from the KSCC, some of the winning NLD MPs continued to participate in an independent capacity.

Since KSCC is made up of all the Revolutionary forces, Bishop Lee urged them to continue collaborating on a clear path toward the goal. “If we split up and go different routes, we won’t reach our target. If we want to achieve the political result that we want, we have to be clear and decisive,” he said.

The current KSCC established committees for the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), health, education, finance, humanitarian aid, taxation, international relations, and security and defense. At the 2023 conference, the interim plan will be approved.


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