A refugee clinic is closed due to lack of medicines



A volunteer health clinic in a liberated area on the eastern side of Demawso township in Karenni State, dependent on donors for its operation, is temporarily closed due to lack of medicines.

“The closure began on December 8th. We could not get any donors recently from the outside, and soon the medications ran out. If we can get medicine again, we will reopen quickly. Donations have become less frequent. The donations previously received have run out, so we are unable to receive patients,” said U Yako, a refugee and volunteer.
“During this cool season, the health needs of children and the elderly are increasing, but because there are no donors, the dispensary is temporarily closed,” he said.

The temporary closure of the clinic was only done after sounding the opinions of the refugees and the patients. “The closure will only last until we can get medicines. We will reopen soon,” said a volunteer doctor.

The clinic is located close to a thousand families displaced by the war, and also serves refugees from other two camps.

This volunteer dispensary in the camp was the first to be temporarily closed due to the lack of donations in Demawso Township. There are more than 200,000 refugees displaced by the war in Karenni State.


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