Five infants died in 3 months in a “Batai Tawchay” war refugee camp


Kantarawaddy Times

According to the War Refugee Camp Committee, 5 newborn babies have died in a “Batai Tawchay ” war refugee camp in the western part of Demawso Township, Karenni State, within the past 3 months.

“In the last 1-2 months, there have been a lot of children’s deaths, mostly stillbirths. The reason is that we are far from hospitals and clinics. Also, there is not enough medicine. For example, twice a month, the doctors and nurses give medicines and measure them. There is not enough, and we lose our children because of this,” said war refugee camp committee member U Augustino.

Although there were doctors in the past, they left due to various circumstances. It has been 3 months since the doctors left and there are no more health workers.
U Augustino of the War Refugee Committee said that because there is no health care, more children are dying.

“During my pregnancy, I only ride a motorcycle once or twice a week, like the OG model. When I goes to the clinic, it’s far away and difficult. The pregnancy could fail,” said a pregnant refugee.

There were two women who gave birth in the same tent, and both of their babies died at birth. Another baby only lived two weeks. Another infant death was caused by a person who crashed when she was 5 months pregnant and there was a newborn who died at the hospital.

There are 427 war refugees in the Batai Tawchay War Refugee Camp, and there have been five infant deaths due to the difficulty of receiving medical treatment nearly 2 years after fleeing the war. A total of 8 people have died, including 3 elderly people.


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