Temporary Markets Open at Fire-Damaged Thiri Mingalar Market in Loikaw


By Kantarawaddy Times

In Loikaw, Karenni State, the Thiri Mingalar Market (Taung Zin), which was destroyed by fire amidst ongoing conflicts, is being reopened by the military council. Currently, temporary markets have been set up, according to local residents.

“Right now, the Thiri Mingalar Market is operating as a temporary market. The main goods being sold are fruits and vegetables. The textile stalls haven’t been built yet,” said a local resident of Loikaw.

The military council has been working to rebuild Thiri Mingalar Market in Loikaw since May. It is reported that vendors who wish to sell at the temporary market must apply and are assigned spots through a lottery system.

Local sources indicate that the current plan is to rebuild the market as a two-story structure. Although some residents in Loikaw have returned, other wards in the city remain inaccessible due to ongoing fighting.

Reports indicate that traveling in and out of Loikaw city is subject to inspections at military checkpoints.

Although buses run between Taunggyi, Pinlaung, and Loikaw, they are currently only small minibuses. Larger buses have not resumed service.


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