Food and Medicine Shortages in Shan Daw Township Due to Lack of Access to Transportation


By Kantarawaddy Times

IDPs in Shan Daw Township, Karenni State, are facing shortages of food and medicine due to the lack of access caused by road blockades. The IDPs, who are scattered in the forests due to the fighting, report that essential food items such as rice, oil, and salt are running out, and medical supplies are also insufficient.

The rainy season has further complicated road access, and donations to the IDP camps have also decreased. Although some food is being distributed, it is not enough to meet the needs of the IDPs, according to an IDP aid worker.

“We are currently relying on handouts. We cannot find work, and the situation is very difficult. The weather is unpredictable, and our farms are too far away to access. We are simply surviving on aid. We have no income at all,” an IDP aid worker said.

IDPs are facing severe financial hardship as they lack access to employment. They are heavily reliant on donations for their survival and are increasingly worried about their future.

“Donors mainly provide rice, salt, and oil because these are the most critical needs here. We also receive raincoats. Apart from this, we also need medicines and other basic needs such as clothes, blankets, and warm clothing” shared an aid worker.

The rainy season has also brought an increase in diseases like malaria and influenza. The limited medical resources in the camps are struggling to cope with the growing number of cases. There are health clinics in the camps, but there is a severe shortage of healthcare workers. With malaria and diarrhea outbreaks prevalent during the rainy season, the situation is worsening.

“We are seeing a lack of medicine and it is affecting the health of the IDPs. The road blockades are making it difficult to transport medical supplies. As the IDPs have no income, they cannot buy medicines,” stated a resident from Shan Daw township.

There are three IDP camps in Shan Daw Township, housing over 1,800 people. Those IDPs fled their homes in January following fighting in Shwe Taung town and have been unable to return.


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