Fighting Resumes in Loikaw City


By Kantarawaddy Times.

Clashes have resumed in several wards within Loikaw, Karenni state, beginning this morning (July 4th) around 5:15 am, according to local residents.

“We heard small arms fire. I didn’t hear any heavy weapons fire. We started hearing it early this morning,” said a resident of Loikaw.

Kantarawaddy Times has tried to reach out resistance groups on the gound for more details about the current fighting; however, they are unable to provide specific information at this time, due to the ongoing clashes.

Colonel Bhone Naing, the military general of the Karenni Army (KA), has urged residents not to return to their homes yet due to ongoing military operations.

“Some people have returned because they have nowhere else to go, while others want to be back in their homes. However, our military operations are not yet finished. Therefore, I urge the public to avoid returning if possible,” said Colonel Bhone Naing.

Locals report that frequent clashes have occurred in the industrial zone area of Loikaw. The fighting broke out again this morning in Nam Bawng Wan ward, Loikaw city.

The Kantarawaddy Times has not yet been able to confirm if there have been any civilian casualties in the Nam Bawng Wan area, where some people have returned to live.

Heavy fighting erupted in Loikaw on November 11, 2023, with a military operation that forced many locals to flee. After more than six months of fighting in Loikaw, some locals have begun returning to their homes. Residents also report that the military council has been making noticeable efforts to restore administrative control within the city.


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