Teachers Needed at Yinrushalin IDP Camp School in Eastern Loikaw


By Kantarawaddy Times

Daw Maria, the head teacher at the self-reliant primary school in the Yinrushalin IDP camp, located in the eastern part of Loikaw Township, Karenni State, reports that there is a need for teachers. In addition to the shortage of educators, the school also lacks essential supplies and stationery.

“We need chalkboards, tables, and chairs. The children are sitting on the floor because we don’t have enough chairs and tables, even for the teachers. We also lack sufficient teachers. There are only three teachers, yet we have five classrooms to manage the classes, making it quite challenging,” stated Daw Maria.

The school currently offers classes from kindergarten (KG) to Grade 4, with 34 students being taught by three teachers. There are plans to expand to Grade 5 in the upcoming academic year.

An IDP camp committee member shared that due to the lack of whiteboards, they are using three-ply wooden boards for teaching.

“We face a shortage of whiteboards, so we use three-ply boards and write with chalk. We don’t have enough desks, only broken chairs with damaged legs that are difficult to repair. Kindergarten and first-grade students sit on the floor,” said the committee member.

There are over 40 schools, including self-reliant schools, operating in the eastern part of Loikaw Township. Although most schools commenced classes in June, there is still an ongoing need for teachers, supplies, and materials.


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