Skin Infections Affecting Children Under Five Years Old in Eastern Loikaw


By Kantarawaddy Times

Reports indicate that children under five years old in an IDP camp in the eastern part of Loikaw Township, Karenni State, are suffering from skin infections characterized by itching and blisters.

The outbreak began in the first week of July, with an increase in cases among children and some instances among adults, according to a committee member of the IDP camp.

“The majority of cases are among children, especially those under five years old. Adults are less affected. Most of the affected are young children,” said the committee member.

It is believed that the unsanitary conditions of stored rainwater and the food consumed by the IDPs may be contributing factors.

“In the early stages, it starts with blisters that eventually burst, oozing fluid and oil. However, there was no bleeding. The rashes were gradually spreading. We’re not sure if it is contagious,” explained an IDP.

In addition to skin infections, the camp is also experiencing outbreaks of malaria and diarrhea. The IDPs are concerned about the increasing number of cases due to the insufficient supply of medicines at the camp’s clinic.


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