Students in Hpruso Unable Attend School Full Time Due to Lack of Classrooms


By Kantarawaddy Times

A teacher from the Thi Hpru Nu IDP camp in Hpruso Township, Karenni State, reported that the high school in the western part of the township is facing a shortage of classrooms, resulting in students only being able to attend school three days a week.

“Our primary need for classrooms has become apparent since we expanded the school, requiring us to divide classes into two shifts. Primary school students attend for three days, and secondary and high school students also attend for three days. This split schedule highlights numerous needs,” said the teacher.

Until the last academic year, the school only offered classes up to the middle school level. However, due to the increasing number of students, it has expanded to include high school grades. The influx of students and the lack of sufficient school buildings have necessitated dividing class days for primary, middle, and high school levels.

“We used to offer classes up to the secondary level. However, we have recently expanded to Grade 10 and Grade 11, which necessitates the need for new classrooms. We are currently renovating old buildings and building additional classrooms to provide enough learning space for students,” shared the teacher.

Beyond classrooms, the school also lacks sufficient textbooks, with students sharing a single book for every two students. Although the school has expanded to include high school grades, the shortage of teachers means that educational progress is hindered.

Since the first week of June, local village residents and students from the IDPs camps have been attending the school together. Currently, 15 teachers are instructing 200 students. However, the school still faces shortages of classroom buildings, teachers, roofing materials, flooring, and textbooks.

While the 2024-2025 academic year commenced in June across villages and IDP camps in Karenni State, many self-reliant schools face numerous challenges due to the ongoing conflict and lack of resources.


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