Security Checks on Karenni Residents have Tightened at the SAC Military Checkpoints in Pinlaung Township. 


By Kantarawaddy Times.

20 February 2024.

According to locals, the military checkpoints in Pinlaung Township, located in southern Shan State, are imposing stricter checks on Karenni residents from Phekhon and Moebye who hold 2/Nationality ID Cards. 

“At Pinlaung gate and Aungbar -Kalaw-Loikaw junction, they check strictly. Especially, they check the youths in more detail. They check more on residents who hold nationality from Phekhon, Moebye, Loikaw, and Dee Maw Hso township. During the checks, some residents become frightened and are unable to answer questions. It is a kind of suppression,” stated a local resident.

It has been reported that Karenni residents who are traveling must have a recommendation letter from their place of origin to cross the SAC’s security checkpoint. Due to holding 2/Nationality Card, Karenni residents are being investigated more thoroughly.

Following the announcement by the State Administration Council on February 10th regarding the reactivation of the “conscription law” enacted in 2010 under the previous government, residents say that checkpoints have been tightened.

Stricter security measures are being enforced on residents crossing the checkpoints in Pinlaung, Tikeet, and Aungpan. Some essential household items, oil, and rations carried by residents are reportedly being confiscated.


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