Hundreds of Children Experiencing Symptoms of Respiratory Disease in the Karenni Refugee Camp.


By Kantarwaddy Times.

21 February 2024. 

In the Karenni Refugee Camp (1) on the border of Thailand, 524 children under 5 years old are experiencing symptoms of respiratory disease, stated Naw Ku Paw, Director of the Karenni Health Department (KnHD).

“Children under 5 are particularly susceptible to respiratory illness. Within the past three weeks, from February 1st to the present, approximately 523 children have contracted the disease,” said Naw Ku Paw.

The clinic receives over 20 patients with respiratory infections daily. Records indicate that over 500 patients were treated for respiratory illnesses in February alone. Notably, children under 5 years old account for the majority of these cases.

Symptoms experienced by those suffering from respiratory disease include fever, headache, sore throat, cough, and sneezing. Currently, patients are receiving treatment at the camp’s clinic.

“My child has trouble sleeping, a stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, struggles to breastfeed, persistent coughing, and sneezing,” said a mother of an affected child.

Respiratory symptoms are more prevalent among young children and adults during seasonal changes. It is reported that the Karenni refugee camp (1) in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand, hosts a population of over 10,000.


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