Regime Sets Fire To Catholic Church In Hpruso Township


By Maw Mee Myar/Kantarawaddy Times

Friday, June 17, 2022

The regime’s soldiers torched a Catholic Church and burnt four homes in Dor Nye Khu in Hpruso Township over two days.

An officer from the Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF) told Kantarawaddy Times the two attacks on civilian properties in the village on Tuesday and Wednesday came without any provocation, where the Burma Army (BA) has been staying since 10 June.

Fighting between the junta and resistance groups have been happening in Dor Nye Khu and Htee Pawso for six days and both sides have suffered casualties.

On 12 June, BA shelling damaged a Baptist Church and some houses in Htee Pawso, where soldiers stole things from some of the homes.

“The army launches offensive against us everyday. The soldiers always steal things from civilian houses in villages and burn down people’s houses, which is why we’re always ready to fight them before they enter villages,” the KNDF officer said.

BA has been staying in Dor Nye Khu since Wednesday.

In Demawso Township, the BA is also attacking Karenni armed groups and indiscriminately shelling villages every day. On 10 June, shelling in Ngan Yoe located in the western part of the township killed a villager and wounded four others. Shells also landed in Yusa Moso on 14 June, wounding three villagers.


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