Karenni IDPs unsafe to return home as fighting continue


Leh Tyoe / Kantarawaddy Times

It is not the right time for Karenni IDPs to return home as fighting still continue between State Administration Council troops and Karenni resistant arm groups said Karenni National Defend Force(KNDF).

Currently SAC is urging Karenni IDPs to return home but the security is most concerned for returnees because SAC troops are still firing 120mm artillery strike into the villages and they laid landmine in the villages said an information officer of KNDF.

He said, “Any (arm) groups including SAC spreading miss information for IDPs to return home. The situation on the ground is not ready for IDPs for their safe return. Security guarantees is not yet ready for IDPs.”

SAC wants IDPs to come back staying in Nammeh Khung, Kyaung Taw, Daw Lyar Ku, Daw Pita, Daw She, Daw Pawkaleh, Daw Kami, Si Lee Doung, Han Taw Ku, Pupar in Dee Maw Hso township.

Beside SAC, there are some ethnic arm groups spreading the same information about IDPs to return home according to KNDF.
Kantarawaddy Times try to contact Kayan New Land Party(KNLP) and Karenni National People Liberation Front(KNPLF) but didn’t answers about IDPs returning.

“I am afraid to go back home because I have nothings left at home but there may be landmine” said an IDPs from Dee Maw Hso.

There are some IDPs who temporary return for farming but not the whole family.
“We heard people who want to come backe home must get recommendation letter from SAC.” Said a responsible person of Karenni Resistant Unit(KRU).

On June 10, 2022, an IDP was killed by landmines in Daw Seh village, Demaw Hso township on his way returning home to fetch food. According to Karenni Human Rights Groups(KHRG) recorded there are 15 civilian injuries by the SAC landmines in the state since the coup.

The fighting between SAC troops and Karenni combine forces start at Moe Bye in southern Shan State on March 4, 2022. SAC troops left Moe Bye heading to Daw Ngakar section of Dee Maw Hso and the fighting continue till today. SAC troops increasingly using artillery strikes, landmines and destroying of civilians property in Karenni State.


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