Nway Oo Guru Group Help Youth Evading Military Conscription


By Kantarawaddy Times.

Following the February 10th enactment of the Military Service Law by the Military Council, the Nway Oo Guru Group has reported assisting young individuals seeking to avoid serving under the junta.

A Nway Oo Guru representative stated that the rescued youths are currently taking on various leadership roles based on their skills and interests.

“Our Nway Oo Guru Group has rescued a total of 13 people: 10 males and 3 females. Upon arrival, some began working for the Nway Oo Guru Group in areas aligned with their passions. Others chose to continue their military training. They are not merely pursuing hobbies; they actively participate in the revolution, contributing where they can make a difference,” explained the Nway Oo Guru representative.

While the exact number of people who have fled due to the Military Service Law remains unknown, the 13 rescued individuals have started working under the guidance of Nway Oo Guru. The majority are young people from central Burma who sought to avoid serving under the Military Council.

“Most of the young people our group has rescued come from Yangon and other parts of the central region. The connection is often established through organizations actively involved in the revolution, facilitating their arrival,” asserted the Nway Oo Guru representative.

During March, four groups connected with Nway Oo Guru for assistance. Some people joined the Karenni Revolutionary Force, while others, including doctors, have been contributing to hospitals and clinics.


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