Military Council Releases Prisoners From Loikaw Prison


By Kantarawaddy Times

Saturday, April 6, 2024

The Military Council has released 38 prisoners from Loikaw prison. Of those released, thirteen individuals—nine males and four females— were political prisoners after being convicted for three years for unlawful association under Article 17/1.

“The health condition of the released political prisoners is satisfactory. We are providing them with assistance to the best of our abilities, but they still require aid,” stated Ko Hter Hpoe, the communications official for the Karenni Political Prisoner Association (KPPA).

Currently, there are at least 60 prisoners of conscience who remain incarcerated in the facility.

Numerous soldiers and police officers are stationed within the prison, encircled by resistance fighters who have secured key positions in the state capital since launching the 1111 Operation in November.

During outbreaks of fighting around the prison, the Military Council compelled inmates to remain confined. Hter Hpoe elaborated that they have been subjected to insufficient food and inadequate healthcare. Many male prisoners are experiencing health issues related to their lower intestines, while female prisoners are suffering from abdominal problems.

Hter Hpoe emphasized the urgent need for humanitarian assistance for the remaining prisoners in Loikaw prison, and said access to them has been obstructed. Attempts to deliver food to the inmates resulted in the supplies falling into the hands of regime soldiers. Furthermore, Hter Hpoe lamented that if money is sent, the prison guards will confiscate twenty percent for themselves.


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