More Than 25,000 Eligible Voters Rose in Kayah State

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Khoon Clai Free

In the upcoming 2020 general election, the number of eligible voters, age over 18, in Kayah (Karenni) State has increased by more than 25,000 comparing to the numbers of previous 2015 election.

In previous 2015 general election, there were only 178,316 eligible voters, and in the upcoming general election, there will be 204,677, so it increases up to 26,361.

The Kayah State election official, Kyaw San Win, asked the voters from the state to work together in order to make the voter list more perfect and correct as it have been posted since July 25.
“The main thing I want to say is that parents and the residents should go and check the voter list.”

The first voter lists will be posted for 14 days from July 25 to August 7 at the relevant ward and village tracts, in commission branch offices.
The Union Election Commission (UEC) has announced that if your name is not listed on the voter list, you can request with Form-3 and if you want to object one of the members from the voter list, you can request by filling and submitting the Form (4-C).

The list of parties from Kayah (Karenni) State , which will contest in the November 8 general election, has not been released.

About 5 million young people across Myanmar will cast their ballots for the first time in the upcoming general election.
In the previous general election in 2015, only 70 percent of the nation’s eligible voters casted their ballots.

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