KNPP Condemns Burma Army’s Crimes Against Humanity

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By Kantarawaddy Times

The Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) condemned the Burma Army’s brutal attacks on Thangtlang. Many houses in the town in northern Chin State were set on fire by soldiers after residents fled to the Indian border following a previous assault.

The KNPP, the political arm of the Karenni Army fighting the Burma Army (BA), said the junta has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout the country. The KNPP pledged its full cooperation with organisations and individuals to build a federal democratic union.

“The Burma Army has sent more troops to Karenni and Chin states and other regions, killing civilians and destroying their homes. This is happening not only in our state but all over the country,” Aung San Myint, KNPP’s second secretary, told Kantarawaddy Times.

”They attacked Thangtlang town and burnt down the houses of the civilians. We’re all ethnic brothers and are very sad for the Chin people”.

According to Karenni State Consultative Council, soldiers burnt down 164 homes, 100 shops and 2 churches in the town from 29-30 October.

By attacking people’s homes and churches in Chin and Karenni states, the junta forces are committing genocide, the KNPP said in its statement. The junta continues to ignore the demands of ethnic nationalities for equality and self-determination.

“This revolution isn’t based on a single ethnic group, nor is it focused on a specific region. The revolution is concerned with all the people of Burma. And that’s why we must stand together against the junta,” said Aung San Myint.

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