Kayah Candidates Urge to Support only Local Parties

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Dway El Khu

Kayah candidates have urged the Kayah ethnic people to surround only the local parties in the 2020 election.

Khoon Myint Naing, a member of the Kayah State based Kayan National Party (KNP) who will contest in Constituency No. 2 in Deemawso Township, said, “It is time for the local party to fight. The local party is important to the local people. Since it is important, the people need to support the party when it needs to fight hard. It is impossible for a local party to become strong without the people. That is why the political turning point in 2020 is so important that people should vote for our local party.”

There are 7 townships with 34 constituencies in Kayah State, the Kayah State Democratic Party (KySDP) will contest 30 constituencies and the KNP will contest the rest four. The two parties are also allies.

If the parties win the election, they said they will work to maintain the state peace process and facilitate peace talks, and will work in line with the party’s policy on employment opportunities for young people.

“I do not have any secret or lie, because I am one with the people. I promise to do my best for the peace and local governance of my state,” said Khu Plu Reh, a candidate for the KySDP.Khu Plu Reh, KySDP candidate, is an active participant in the peace process in the region.

He said the purpose of contesting as Hluttaw candidate is also to promote indigenous literature, culture, and linguistic sectors.

The KySDP will be the party contesting first time in the 2020 election, while the KNP contested 14 seats in the 2015 election but did not win a single seat.Totally thirteen parties will contest in each constituency in Kayah State, and there are 272 candidates for the Hluttaw, according to a statement issued by the State Election Commission on August 30.

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