KA Leader: We Need Unity During Peoples’ Revolution


By Kantarawaddy Times

The leader of the Karenni Army (KA) has called for unity among Burma’s diverse ethnic nationalities and for a deeper understanding of the history of resistance in the country, particularly in Karenni State, during a recent speech to graduating cadets at the closing ceremony of their basic military training.

“Many educated youths have joined us in this revolution, so we cannot claim the current revolution as (only) our own. It’s not exclusive to the Shan or any other ethnic group. People from different classes, different ethnicities, from different backgrounds have joined this revolution,” said Gen Aung Myat, KA chief commander.

He emphasized that the youth must familiarize themselves with their history to comprehend the political dynamics affecting the country.

“We want youths to stand for justice,” he explained during the closing ceremonies of the 75th batch of new soldiers.

Col Phone Naing, KA adjutant general, advised the young soldiers to work diligently with discipline. “You all must be united and fully committed to the revolution.”

Since the coup, the KA has provided basic training for five batches of new soldiers.

KA is the army wing of the Karenni National Progressive Party, the oldest Karenni political party. The KA has been fighting against the Burma army since 1957. In 2012, the KNPP signed a ceasefire with the government, but after the coup fighting with the Burmese government resumed.


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