Civilians Escape from Military Regime in Hpasawng


By Kantarawaddy Times

At least 18 people were taken hostage by the Military Council and held for three months in Hpasawng. On Tuesday, they escaped from captivity in the town, which has become a battlefield between the Burma army and resistance forces trying to force the regime out of Karenni State.

“We suffered a lot. They (Burma army) threatened to kill us if we attempted to flee, but finally, we made a decision and ran away,” a male victim informed Kantarawaddy Times.

To discourage escape attempts, the soldiers would tell them they had planted many landmines in the area. He said, ‘If you have an extra life, you can run away from here.’

Some of the prisoners were pregnant women, and there were also children among them.

The man stated that the regime soldiers didn’t provide them with sufficient food.

“We had to eat the vegetables growing around us and share other food rations like cooking oil and salt with each other while we were trapped in the town.”

Resistance fighters have escorted the traumatized former captives to safety.

The civilians were held in Kwit Thit Ward, where the former hostages said as many as ten people, including those with disabilities, remain trapped by the soldiers.


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