Junta Soldiers Kill Women and Children in Shardaw Township


By Kantarawaddy Times

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Soldiers from the State Administration Council (SAC) have killed three children under five and three women, including one who was pregnant, in Shardaw Township in Karenni State.

A field reporter for the Kantarawaddy Times, who arrived to collect evidence of the murders, found that one child was still breathing despite being shot. “The child was in critical condition with a large gunshot wound at their back. The medic attempted to save the child, but they died from their injuries.” 

A man who managed to escape before his family was killed described his harrowing incident. “The Burma army soldiers arrested all of us at the same time, including my mother-in-law, elder sister, and her grandchildren. Later, they separated us, bringing the women and children to another location. Finally, I managed to escape. They killed all six people.”

The man said they were detained on February 4 by Infantry Battalion 249 soldiers patrolling near a displaced camp in Shardaw Township and killed the next day.

Another source, who is friends with the man, said that their commander ordered his soldiers to shoot all of the detainees after the man untied the ropes they tied him with and fled.

A day after the executions, SAC jet fighters attacked a school in western Demoso Township, killing four students between 10 and 12 years old. At least fifteen were wounded in the attacks, including a kindergarten student.

On the same day, a jet fighter also attacked a high school in Loi Nanpha, killing a civilian and injuring 5 people who were displaced by previous fighting, and two teachers. Another school and a clinic were attacked by other planes that dropped 500 lb bombs on the same day.


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