Diarrhea Outbreak Strikes IDP Camp in Pekon Township, Shan State


By Kantarawaddy Times

A diarrhea outbreak has affected both adults and children in a displacement camp in western Pekon Township, Shan State, since the last week of June. Aid workers assisting the internally displaced persons (IDPs) report the outbreak.

According to a member of the Kayan Rescue Committee (KRC), the outbreak is likely due to the combination of poor sanitation in the camp’s mountainous location, coupled with contaminated water and food during the rainy season.

“In the places where the IDPs are taking shelter, diarrhea is a common issue. Furthermore, the rainy season contributes to the proliferation of flies. The contaminated water and food also contribute to the outbreak,” said the KRC member.

The outbreak is reported to be most prevalent among adults. While there is no clinic at the camp, IDPs are attempting to treat the condition with home remedies due to the lack of access to proper medical care.

Recently, apart from diarrhea, the camp is also experiencing a concurrent outbreak of seasonal flu. Medical supplies are urgently needed to address both illnesses.

“Th Diarrhea is affecting not only the IDPs but also the local residents. We’re also seeing a surge in seasonal flu cases and diarrhea. I don’t have exact figures, but it’s estimated that roughly 20% of the population has been affected,” said a local resident.

The recent influx of IDPs from the Pinlaung-Pekon border due to ongoing fighting has further strained resources at the camp, increasing the need for food, shelter, and medical supplies. The camp currently houses approximately 1,650 displaced persons.


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