Military Junta Threatens Displaced Residents in Hsihseng Township to Return Home.


By Kantarawaddy Times

The military junta is reportedly threatening the displaced residents of Hsihseng Township, forcing them to return to their homes. As a result, the majority of the people have returned, according to a local man.

“They are returning to the town because the junta is forcing them to. For example, they (the military junta) had previously warned that if they didn’t return, their homes and lands would be confiscated. So, many people are going back out of fear,” said a local resident.

Displaced Residents of Hsihseng Town have been returning since April, though some locals remain displaced.

The military junta, in cooperation with the Pa-O National Army (PNA)/the Pa-O National Organization (PNO), has regained control over Hsihseng Town and is conducting clearance operations. However, they have not been able to fully secure all areas, according to local residents.

“In Hsihseng Town, it can be said that the military junta and the PNA have regained control. Currently, the military junta is conducting clearance operations in Hsihseng Town, but they have not been able to operate in many areas yet,” said a member of the Pa-O Youth Organization (PYO).

The military junta is working to restore administrative functions in Hsihseng Township, providing electricity to returning residents, and reopening some government offices,, according to junta-controlled propaganda Telegram channels.

However, some displaced residents who have returned to the town have suffered casualties due to landmines. At least 10 people were injured, and two were killed by landmines.

Due to the clashes in Hsihseng Township over the past six months, 39,000 people have been displaced, and from January 21 to June 22, a total of 363 houses were destroyed, according to a statement released by the Pa-O Youth Organization on June 27.

Although there are no ongoing clashes in Hsihseng Town at the moment, fighting continues in the areas south of the town, specifically in Tabek Village Tract and Narkhio Village Tract to the northeast, according to the PYO.


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