Civilian Fatalities Surge as Burma Army Increases Patrols in Southern Shan State


By Kantarawaddy Times

At least 8 people have been killed over 13 days in the Pa-O Self-administered Zone as regime forces step up patrols in southern Shan State.

One Pa-O Youth Organisation (PYO) member said that drone and artillery shelling killed four civilians, the regime murdered three people after abducting them, and one person died from landmines in Hsihseng, Pinlaung, and Hopong townships between June 9-22.

Burma army and Pa-O People’s Militia Force patrols has increased between Pinlaung and Pekon townships, Hsihseng and Nyaung Shwe townships, and Hsihseng and Loikaw townships. More junta troops were also deployed to Loikaw from Hsisheng.

Many civilians have been affected by the fighting that began in late January between the regime forces and Pa-O National Liberation Army.

The PYO member said ten villages fled fighting in southern Pinlaung Township. Some in Hsihseng Township have been displaced multiple times, he said, adding, “They all need humanitarian relief, including food rations and healthcare services.”

PYO reported 66,800 people displaced between January 21 and June 22 in the zone.


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