Airstrikes destroy civilian houses and religious buildings in Hpasawng town


By Kantarawaddy Times

All residents of Hpasawng town in Karenni State have fled following Burma army airstrikes on 29 February. The airstrikes caused significant damage to nearly two-thirds of the buildings in town, according to local people. The damaged buildings included civilian houses, businesses, Christian churches and Buddhist monasteries.

A local man, who lives in Hpasawng town and spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons, said that many houses and religious buildings in the southern ward and northern ward of Hpasawng town were hit by the airstrikes.

“The regime’s aircraft bombarded our town. Many houses were damaged by the airstrikes. The Ma Nang Kyi shop in the northern ward and the Christian church in the southern ward hit by the airstrikes. A Buddhist monastery was hit. I do not know the exact number of damaged buildings. I think the airstrike set fire to nearly two-thirds of the civilian houses in our town,” the local man told Kantarawaddy Times.

Due to the airstrike, all residents of Hpasawng town fled to take shelter in safer areas.

“The regime’s aircraft flew over and bombarded Hpasawng town on the morning of 29 February. All local people from the town and surrounding areas fled. The airstrikes set fire to many civilian houses,” another Hpasawng resident told Kantarawaddy Times.

Local people said that Karenni resistance groups have recently had multiple clashes with the Burma army in Hpasawng Township of Karenni State. Burma army has recently attacked Hpasawng town with artillery and airstrikes.

The Kantarawaddy Times cannot independently confirm wether there were any civilian causalities during the recent airstrikes in Hpasawng Township.


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