Emergency Food Supplies and Equipment Needed for Displaced People in Hpa-saung Township.


Kantarawaddy Times.

It was discovery that residents who have been displaced due to fighting in Hpa-saung Township are in need of emergency food supplies and essential items.

It has been reported, on February 29th, fighting erupted in Hpa-saung Township, forcing residents to flee to safer areas, leaving behind their belongings, including food and necessities.

“When we first fled, we faced several hardships. Some elderly women slept in trees using raincoats tied to the branches. Others used their longyis as hammocks due to the lack of raincoats. There were insufficient pillows and blankets. Additionally, there was a shortage of food, oil, and shelter. We had to boil water from the creek to drink,” said a local woman who fled Hpa-saung town.

Due to the junta’s airstrikes on Hpa-saung town, numerous homes were destroyed and burned. It has been reported that almost all the townspeople had to flee, but some residents remain trapped inside.

“During the airstrikes, there had no choice but to flee. An elder warned us to leave or risk being trapped. We first went to the monastery, but we didn’t know where to go next. While we were thinking about it, a car arrived, and some children from the jungle came and called us. We grabbed as many belongings as we could and ran” accounted a local from Hpa-saung.

It has been reported that currently, over 700 people are taking refuge in an IDP camp, where they require emergency supplies such as rice, oil, salt, utensils, shelter, and blankets. Due to the constant displacement of locals, Kantarawaddy Times has not yet been able to independently record the exact number of displaced civilians in Hpa-saung township.

Free Burma Rangers have released a statement claiming that they, along with local resistance forces, have rescued and evacuated over 1,000 trapped civilians from within the town amidst the intense fighting in Hpa-saung Township.


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