A program of fostering to use female name in land registration forms

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Soe Htike Aung

It says according to the published book of the Women, Peace and Development Plans (2020-2022) they will foster to have the policy of using female name in land registration in order to encourage the women from Kayah (Karenni) State to participate in development program.

In the plans, it includes they will implement the training of raising awareness on land and natural resources in order to aid farmers’ difficulties, and other purpose is to reduce the influence of paternal land registration traditionally where it brings about neglecting women’s property rights and productivity.

“If we say concisely about the plan for development or if it becomes real in particular, we will have the law. If it becomes law, in case of the phenomena of law, it would become one of the best laws,” Mu Gloria, from Kayan Women Association, suggested related to its program.

When this program book is published, it says the relevant government department and Hluttaw representatives have informed to some of the local women organizations in Kayah State.

In most of the regions in Kayah State, according to its tradition and customs the influence of using male name in land registration brings about the neglecting of using female name in property rights and material productivity.

Therefore there are plans to conduct the conference to ensure women’s land rights, recognize the access rights of women, and use women name as well. Besides, there is also a plan to provide especial support to the women within Kayah State who suffered of fleeing from home due to civil war.

It said the government departments such as Information and Public Relations Department (IPRD), General Administration Department, Land Management Committee, and Ministry of Information will implement this program.

As for upcoming partner organizations, they will cooperate together with Spectrum organization and plan to use the budget totally (57,450,000) Kyats for land and natural resources planning for women.

They will mainly carry out the awareness raising activities to public especially for female farmers within Kayah State.

Ma Mee Mee, the person in charge of Karenni Women Organization says they haven’t known in detail about the activities when it would start although they have informed local women when they would publish the book.

Although they have tried contacting with the contact address given in the program detail, there is still no reply.

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