We Need To Be “Clever” To Win Revolution, KNPP Says

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By Kantarawaddy Times

Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) secretary 2 said the ethnic armed organisation (EAO) must adopt a more sophisticated strategy to beat the military regime.

“We must understand that we can be killed anytime we fight the enemy. They have many weapons factories and munition warehouses. To fight them, we have to be clever,” Khu Daniel said on August 17 at Karenni Army Day.

The KNPP leader said that in order to win, they have to work hard and be smart as they do not have an unlimited arsenal of weapons like the enemy.

“After we lost Karenni State, our people established Karenni Army (KA) to fight the enemy. According to our history, we established KA to restore our independence,” Khu Daniel told Kantarawaddy Times.

Karenni State was an independent state until 1948. When Britain granted independence to Burma, the U Nu ( aka Thakin Nu) government sent its armed forces to occupy the area. The Karenni people established an army on August 17, 1948 to fight against the Burmese central government. KA has struggled to attain equality and self-determination for its people for the last 73 years.

On Tuesday, KA held a small commemoration ceremony at the KNPP headquarters in Nyar Mu ( aka Tar Leh Duso).

“I want to say do not give up for our KA service men and women. We are fighting for our freedom,” a female soldier from KA told Kantarawaddy Times.

A KNPP letter to KA for the commemoration said: “Karenni Army is working hard under the leadership of the KNPP. Karenni Army will stand in front of Karenni people to protect them and Karenni State.” KNPP also said that it is cooperating with the people to end dictatorship in the country, not only for the Karenni people, but also to change the political system into a federal democratic union. Before achieving these political goals, the EAO must be careful with all its political and military affairs and KA must remain strong to withstand pressure from all sides.

Currently, KA is fighting against BA alongside the civilian resistance forces active in the state.

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