Two Unexploded Landmines Found Near Farm

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Kantarawaddy Times

The Administrator of Noe-Koe Village-tract, U Shar Reh, said the farmers are under concerns as the two unexploded land mines, one blast mine and one stake mine, were found on June 10 at the villager’s plowing farm, between Noe-Koe Village and Daw Lo Shay Village, Loikaw Township.

“The farmers are pretty worried on it. They worry that there might be the landmine which can move place to place. It could also move due to the earthquake. They worry it would explode while their farming. The farmers are pretty worried for their children including their cattle and other domestic animals. We really worry about it,” said U Shar Reh.

The village administrator report about the found landmine to KaLaYa-261 military base after he was informed by the farmer that the farmer found it at the bottom of electricity tower near its farmland.

U Shar Reh said the KaLaYa-261 military base has come and checked already it and made fence around the tower; however, they haven’t operated the mine clearance process.

They (farmers) said they want it to be fenced with the cement instead of bamboo fence because they worry from explosion as the areas around it is the cultivation land, and its area also the animals’ grazing land.

U Shar Reh said, “Fencing with cement will be safer for us. It is unsafe if we fence with bamboo. It will be destroyed one day. The cattle or other animals could destroy it because there will be rich of pasture inside the fence for cattle, like more grass grew. In that case, the cattle will destroy and enter for their food. So far it is better to fence with cement.”

According to the administrator, it said there are over 20 electricity towers near the villages, and the landmines are also concealed under the ground about 20 years.

It said the current tower, found with two landmines, is No.108.
In the past, there is a loss of cattle due to mine explosion near the village.

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