The military junta may use more drone strikes in Karenni


Kantarawaddy Times

On November 16 the Defense Department of the Karenni government said that the military junta may soon use drone bombs to attack the Revolutionary forces in Karenni State.

Regarding the junta’s ability to use drones for bomb delivery, Deputy Minister of the Defense Department of the Karenni Government Khu Daniel had this to say: “They’re already testing drones, so they already have the capability. They have almost no ground troops left and these are confined to their camps, so the use of drones to strike outward is attractive to them going forward.”

On November 9th, the military junta dropped a drone bomb in western Demawso. In the villages in the eastern part of Loikaw township, the junta is conducting daily reconnaissance with drones, and there may soon be attacks by drones, says a refugee from junta violence in eastern Loikaw township.

According to witnesses, the junta has often used drones for reconnaissance and for spotting or targeting its mortar fire, but now they are starting to load bombs onto on drones. The bomber drone currently being used by the junta is thought to be able to carry four 60-mm rounds, but no specifics about the drone type are known.

“As for dropping bombs from drones, we aren’t aware of any attacks yet. Sometimes we hear the sound of 2 or 3 drones while other weapons are being fired, such as mortars. Thus, we can’t rule out that drone bombs also fell,” said a person helping refugees in eastern Loikaw township.

Revolutionary forces in Karenni State have been using drone bombs to attack junta troops for some time.


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