A refugee returning home was killed by a mine


Kantarawaddy Times

On the afternoon of November 16, a family member says that 39-year-old U Hpeh Bu was taken to Loikaw Hospital after he stepped on a land mine at his home in Thay Sule village of Demawso township, but he died on arrival at the hospital.

He had returned home three days previous after an absence as a refugee from junta violence in the area. His home and yard had become overgrown and covered with dust, and he stepped on the mine while cleaning.

“The type of landmine he stepped on was different from others. This mine cut off his leg, and the side of his face is completely destroyed. The chest was also badly hit. His friends told me bomb material went in his right chest and came out from the left side,” A family member said.

Since the beginning of the fighting in Karenni State in May 2021, residents of Thay Sule had fled the war to nearby villages and returned only to work on their farms.

Military council troops were stationed in the village and burned down more than half of the houses. Currently, some local people are returning home at the urging of some armed organizations, not named.

In January 2022, from the time when junta troops arrived from Mobye, villagers could no longer live there safely, and the whole population was fleeing the war until now.

The body of U Hpeh Bu, who was hit by a mine, was buried on November 17th. He has an 8-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son. His wife died four years ago.


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