The dead bodies of mother and son were found in Hto Thu Ngan Tha village, Loikaw


Kantarawaddy Times

The two dead bodies were buried by a relief group which were found today (Jan 28,2022) in Hto Thu Ngan Tha village, located in Karenni State Capital Loikaw.

The dead were identified as 23-year-old son Saw Dar Htoo and his 63-year-old mother Daw Muta.

“Mother and son who were left at home were killed. Son was thrown into a burning house. The mother was reportedly dumped in a dumpster. The body was found later that day. Relief group provided burial. I am very sad to see more and more people are being killed in Loikaw almost every day,” said a local.

Hto Thu Ngan Tha villagers said at least 3 houses were burned down in village and villagers who were left at houses were brutally arrested and killed last week.

Yesterday, six young men who are believed to be missing from Nar Nat Thaw and Naung Yar wards were found dead inside abandoned toilet hole in Rayo village near Loikaw.

More than ten thousands of locals from state capital Loikaw have been displaced since the begging of the fight between Karenni Allies forces and SAC troops in 6th January, due to SAC troops used Helicopters and heavy artillery to shelled houses and killed locals.

During this January, the military council shooted and killed at least 20 people in Mine Lone ward, Pankan Ward, Daw Oo Khu Ward, Nam Baw Wan Ward, Dawtama Ward and Mingalar Ward which located in Karenni State Capital Loikae.


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