Thais Offer to Return Willing Refugees to Daw Hnoe Ku Camp in Karenni State


By Kantarawaddy Times

Thai authorities are compiling a list of refugees who want to return to Karenni State after fleeing across the border to escape airstrikes in early July, but many people do not wish to return home as fighting is likely to reignite soon.

“I do not know whether the Burma army will launch airstrikes on our camp again. They already attacked it once, so we are concerned they will do it again,” a refugee who fled from the Daw Hnoe Ku internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Shadaw Township explained.

He pointed out that with the roads closed in the township, it will be difficult to deliver food to the camp.“If we return, we will have to work for our daily survival,” he said. Employment opportunities in the region are scarce.

Khu Fray Reh, the leader of the IDP camp, pointed out that currently, the Thais are not forcing anyone to return. “If anyone wants to return to Daw Hnoe Ku camp, they can provide their name to the Thai authorities, who will then allow them to officially return.”

Currently, there are 3,881 refugees living in the temporary camp in Thailand’s northern Mae Hong Son Province. Many are still suffering from mental trauma after having to quickly flee when junta jet fighters bombarded their camp in Burma.


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