Demoso IDPs Hope for Aid from WFP


By Kantarawaddy Times

Villagers uprooted by the war in Karenni State want assistance from the World Food Programme (WFP), pointing out that the United Nations has never provided any help to internally displaced persons (IDPs) in areas of the state controlled by the resistance forces since the conflict began.

Daw Sein Poe Lya Ner, who lives in western Demoso Township in Karenni State, mentioned that her camp often runs out of food rations, which are only provided by private donors.

“Even though some IDPs have received humanitarian assistance in other areas, we have never received this kind of humanitarian aid in our camp.” IDPs have been struggling for over two years, facing many hardships due to the lack of humanitarian assistance from the international community, she explained.

“We are citizens of Burma too and we’re also IDPs. Therefore, we want to receive help from WFP.”

At the same time, WFP has been providing IDPs in Loikaw town, which is controlled by the Military Council, with some rice, cooking oil, salt, and yellow beans every month.

U Johny, a member of the IDP camp committee for Demoso Township, heard rumors that the WFP planned to come to the township, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Regarding the matter, Kantarawaddy Times reached out for a comment from WFP’s field officer several times but did not receive a reply.

Daw Romer Ner, who is also displaced in the township, wants the WFP and other international agencies to visit the camps to see how poorly the people are forced to live.

“It would be better if they come themselves to observe the IDPs’ situation in the field.”

Over 250,000 people in Karenni State and southern Shan State have been uprooted by the Military Council’s offenses and fighting with the resistance forces. Most are in camps in and outside of existing villages.


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