Snakes Pose Hidden Dangers for Remote Displaced Camp in Hpruso Township


By Kantarawaddy Times

At least four people have been bitten by snakes while staying at a displaced camp in Hpruso Township in Karenni State in the last 30 days.

Due to the lack of medicine for snake bites at the Indaw camp, they had to be urgently transported to other clinics and hospitals in the area equipped with antivenin, according to a volunteer.

He mentioned that a 45-year-old man in critical condition, bitten on December 16 in the jungle camp, was successfully rushed to the hospital, and the other three individuals also survived. But transporting the victims poses challenges due to the camp’s remote location, limited transportation, high cost of fuel, and artillery and airstrikes by the military regime.

The other victims included two young men and a 50-year-old woman. The volunteer advised the woman to go to the hospital but was unsure if she had followed the recommendation.

The camp in Hpruso Township is home to over 800 people from 185 families.


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