Regime Jet Fighters Bomb Demoso Township


By Kantarawaddy Times

Three people were wounded after two jet fighters from the State Administration Council (SAC) dropped at least ten bombs on western Demoso Township, where many individuals have sought shelter from the ongoing conflict in Karenni State.

According to an anonymous local source speaking to Kantarawaddy Times, one person suffered a severe leg injury during Wednesday’s bombing.

“They dropped four bombs at a time,” explained a woman, also requesting anonymity.

Residents reported no ongoing fighting in the area during the morning attacks. Some suspect that 100 to 200 lb bombs were dropped on the area. Following the attacks, people fled to another area.

Later that afternoon, a SAC jet fighter also attacked western Hpruso Township, an area with also no reported fighting.

The military regime in Karenni State has regularly employed the tactic of attacking civilian villages with planes and shelling since overthrowing the government. Civilians in the region have endured years of constant indiscriminate bombing, resulting in significant trauma. Over 250,000 civilians have been displaced by the conflict in Karenni and southern Shan states.

Resistance forces have pushed out most of the SAC troops from Karenni State and since November 11, they’ve been trying to capture the regime’s last major stronghold in Loikaw, the capital town.


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