Skin Rash Outbreak Among Infants at IDP Camps in Deemawso Township


By Kantarwaddy Times

IDPs in eastern Deemawso Township, Karenni State, report a widespread skin rash outbreak among infants and toddlers.

A mother, Maw Phray Myar, said her infant has been suffering from the rash for four months, and it hasn’t healed yet.

“I’m worried. She doesn’t eat well, and I’m afraid she might get infected. If she gets infected, it’ll worsen. This happens a lot to children this age. They get rashes on their hands. My friend’s child also had rashes on her hands a few days ago and couldn’t even eat properly. Some adults are also experiencing it,” she said.

Maw Phray Myar added that the IDP camp clinic doesn’t have adequate medicine to treat the rash, and transportation to hospitals and clinics is difficult.

At least 15 infants and toddlers have experienced the skin rash since the last week of April. The rashes appear on hands, feet, and stomachs. While some children have recovered, others are still suffering after weeks.

“The skin itching in the village has decreased now, and it’s not as common anymore. Some children have had it for a long time. They have rashes on their faces. Children’s skin is very delicate, and they touch each other’s faces a lot. The children develop blisters on their hands. We puncture them and apply antiseptic, and they get better. However, some of them are not good at taking care of it,” said a health volunteer.

With the current change in season, many IDPs and locals are experiencing runny noses and coughs. It has been discovered that they lack access to adequate healthcare.

While some residents from the eastern part of Deemawso Township have returned to their villages, the majority remain at IDP camps.


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