Animals Under One Year Old Die Due to Drying Up of Water Reservoir in Karenni State


By Kantarawaddy Times

Two villages in the southeastern part of Hpruso Township, Karenni State, Daw Ku Lee and Law Playar Lae, are facing a dire water shortage. Their main reservoir has dried up, leading to the deaths of calves and cows. Local residents reported that the reservoir, which was a lifeline for both humans and animals, has shrunk significantly due to the lack of rain.

“The reservoir used to be huge, and animals never died due to water scarcity. But now the rains have become less frequent, and the water levels are dropping. Our buffalo population is declining, and the reservoir is drying up. We’ve been collecting water since February to have something to drink. Young animals don’t have enough water, so they die of exhaustion,” a local resident reported.

The (Yin Su) reservoir serves to supplies water to both humans and animals for both Daw Ku Lee and Law Player Lae villages situated in the southeastern part of Hpruso Township.

The water shortage has forced villagers to buy drinking water, but the financial strain is significant, especially for displaced families who are already struggling financially. The community is currently relying on donations for water.

The lack of water is not only impacting the health of animals but also the hygiene of the local people. Villagers report that they are struggling to maintain basic sanitation and are worried that water scarcity has caused animals to die.

“The deaths of animals have mostly been among calves. Not every household has lost their cows due to water scarcity, but recently, the deaths of animals are happening consistently. The water shortage and the heat are affecting animal survival,” said one resident.

The southeastern part of Hpruso Township regularly experiences water shortages, and local residents are advocating for the construction or renovation of water reservoirs to address the issue for the coming year.

Daw Ku Lee and Law Playar Lae villages are located in the eastern part of Hpruso Township. With a population of over 400 people, these villages are home to more than 90 families, including displaced people.


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