Shelling Kills Civilian In Karenni State, KNDF Calls On Tatmadaw Soldiers To Join Them


By Kantarawaddy Times

A woman was killed and three others injured when a shell fired by the Tatmadaw hit them while they were working on a farm in Bawlakhe Township, Karenni State.

A local said the shell, which landed near Nan Hpe, killed the 20-year-old woman instantly and shrapnel entered a man’s stomach, causing his intestines to spill out. A young woman and a man were also injured in the incident at the sesame farm.

Burma Army (BA) soldiers stationed at Mert Salaung Mountain fired the artillery at around 12:30pm on 9 September.

All the farm workers fled the area when the shell exploded. A male worker who didn’t make it to safety with the others is missing.

The Karenni Nationalities Defence Force (KNDF) called on BA battalions and police in Karenni State to join them in the fight against the military regime “before it’s too late”, according to a recent statement.

Since last month, there have been clashes between BA and KNDF and Karenni Army (KA) in Bawlakhe Township, who have an alliance in Karenni State. Many villagers had to flee their homes because of the conflict.

“We can offer them financial support and security if they join us. We’ve already prepared for this,” the KNDF spokesperson told Kantarawaddy Times.

According to the statement, KNDF doesn’t hate the BA soldiers, even though they are fighting with them.

”We’re not fighting for the NLD (National League for Democracy) or ethnic political parties. We’re fighting against the handful of military leaders who’ve ruled the country with an iron fist for more than 60 years. We’re trying to end the military dictatorship and build a federal union. Patriotic soldiers should join the people to defeat the dictatorship in our country.”

Meanwhile, the Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC), which is working with the interim National Unity Government, called on all contractors to stop cooperating with the regime.

“The military junta is ruling the country with funds obtained through tenders. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t accept tenders from the military junta because then they’ll have to pay money to the dictatorship,” the KSCC spokesperson told Kantarawaddy Times.

According to the spokesperson, the military council has offered tenders for road and bridge construction projects in Karenni State.

The KNDF vowed to investigate these projects and take action against those who accept these deals under the regime.

”We’re taking into consideration the interests of the people… to build a good system…to “implement development projects in the short term,” the spokesperson said. Although “the bridge and road projects are important for everyone, the main issue now is to remove the military junta”.


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