Self-Reliant School in the East of Dee Maw Hso in Need of Textbooks and School Supplies


Kantarawaddy Times

A self-reliant school in eastern Dee Maw Hso, Karenni State, reopened in June 2024. However, it faces challenges due to a lack of textbooks and school supplies, making it difficult for students to continue their education. A volunteer teacher expressed concern about this lack of essential resources.

“We’ve opened the school, but we lack textbooks and school supplies. We have to rely on external materials to teach the students, which is difficult. We need to talk to the students’ parents about the needs we are facing.. Without school textbooks, we can’t run the school effectively, but we haven’t closed it down. Although we’re open, it will take time to be able to teach students properly without these essential resources. Finding textbooks for the middle school level is particularly difficult,” added a local volunteer teacher.

Sources indicate that the school requires assistance to obtain textbooks and other school supplies such as exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, whiteboards, markers, and toilets. The school was closed for the entire previous academic year and has only recently reopened in June 2024.

According to the students’ parents, they are determined to keep this self-reliant school running despite these challenges,

“Parents who have one child can afford to pay for school supplies and fees; however, other families with many children are facing significant challenges because they lack the support they need to provide for their children’s education” stated a parents.

This self-reliant school plans to operate up to the middle school level, with over 100 students and 14 teachers serving them.


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