SAC Jet Fighter Strikes School, Killing Four Children in Western Demoso Township


By Kantarawaddy Times

Monday, February 6, 2024

Four boys were killed when a regime jet fighter bombed their school in Karenni State’s Demoso Township on Monday. 

A anonymous resident outraged by the attack, stated, “I don’t think they are human beings. They don’t have a soul. School is a place for children to learn and, yet, they intentionally attacked it.” 

According to the man, the jet fighter circled the area before the 9:30 attack. At least nine people suffered minor injuries. He suspected the bombardment could be heard across the western township. The middle school, attended by over 200 students, was completely destroyed in the bombing.

A school teacher described the attack as a “massive human rights violation”, emphasizing the deliberate targeting of innocent children. She called for international action against the military council responsible for such abuses.

Additionally, on the same day, SAC conducted two other airstrikes, one targeting a high school in the western area of the township. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported in these attacks.

Earlier, on January 12, a man was killed by a junta jet fighter during an attack on Daw Tama Nge Ward in the township, despite no reported fighting in the area at the time.


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