Karenni Resistance Torches Abandoned Camp in Mawchi


By Kantarawaddy Times

Resistance forces successfully seized a regime camp and checkpoint in Mawchi, Hpasawng Township, after soldiers from the State Administration Council (SAC) abandoned the area.

Col Bone Naing, adjutant general for the Karenni Army, reported that they set ablaze the No-2 Kyauk Kyar camp in Karenni State on Saturday. This action followed the retreat of SAC soldiers to a military base in Hpasawng town the day before, despite no immediate clashes.

On Sunday, the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force announced that resistance forces had gained control of the Mawchi area. “We seized a hilltop camp and checkpoint situated at the entrance of Mawchi,” a KNDF officer stated. He informed Kantarawaddy Times that the camp housed 60 soldiers from SAC, part of a battalion stationed in the town of Bawlakhe.

Since initiating Operation 1111 on November 11, the resistance has captured over 20 camps in Loikaw, Demoso, Mobye, Pekon, and Shardaw townships. Additionally, the groups now control Ywathit near the Mawchi area. In the third week of January, the groups seized the 12-mile hilltop camp controlled by SAC between Ywathit and Bawlakhe towns.


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