Regime Bombards Loikaw with Airstrikes on Christmas


By Kantarawaddy Times

Jet fighters from the State Administration Council (SAC) launched at least 34 airstrikes on Loikaw on Christmas Day, targeting Karenni resistance groups that have seized about 60 percent of the capital of Karenni State.

According to Col Phone Naing, the adjutant general of the Karenni Army (KA), one of the armed groups fielding soldiers in the town, junta’s air crafts dropped numerous 500 lb bombs over 24 hours on December 25.

A resident of Loikaw stated, “The military council has bombed everywhere in Loikaw. They also fire shells every day.” He mentioned that most of the town’s residents have already fled for safety after Karenni armed groups launched their 1111 Operation to seize the capital on November 11. “There is no trade happening in Loikaw” creating challenges for those who chose to remain in the town to obtain food, medicine, and essential supplies.

Artillery shelling and airstrikes have already destroyed many homes in Loikaw where the remaining SAC soldiers are shooting civilians on sight, prompting resistance forces to issue a warning to townsfolk to avoid leaving and entering the town and to exercise extreme caution when travelling outside of their homes.


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