Loikaw Prisoners Need Emergency Relief Amid Fighting


By Kantarawaddy Times

Over 500 inmates locked up in the prison in Loikaw need food and medicine according to the Karenni Political Prisoners Association (KPPA). “During regular times, the prison lacks basic medical services but at this time, they really need it,” a KPPA anonymous source said.

Since the coup, at least four prisoners died after not receiving proper healthcare in the Karenni State capital, the source said. He emphasized that the situation is deteriorating during fighting between Karenni fighters and State Administration Council (SAC) amid 1111 Operation, which was launched by resistance forces on November 11.

The Myanmar Political Prisoners Network has also reported these concerns about the prison where there are a number of prisoners of conscience housed.

KPPA said that during last week’s fighting, SAC troops and police holed up in the prison have been using inmates as human shields to thwart attacks from Karenni forces. Meanwhile, SAC continues to indiscriminately shell the town whether or not there is fighting happening on that day.


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