Over 200 IDPs Newly Arrive at Thai-Karenni Border in Need of Food and Household Items 


By Kantarawaddy Times.

February 15, 2024. 

More than 200 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have recently arrived at a camp near the Thai-Karenni border, urgently requiring food and household supplies, according to camp chairman Khu Pray Reh.

The newcomers are villagers escaping conflict in Shan Daw and Ywar Tit areas of Karenni State. They have arrived throughout December 2023. The camp urgently requires additional food supplies, as well as materials for shelter and basic household items like pots, plates, and bowls.

” Urgently, what we need right now is food, and then household supplies. While we have proposed obtaining household supplies, approval for the proposal is pending. Therefore, items such as pots, plates, and bowls are currently lacking. We are facing difficulties meeting these basic needs,” stated Khu Pray Reh.

Some of the IDPs have found to stay with friends and relatives in the IDP camp, while others are staying in the homes of those who returned to their villages last year.

“The ration support such as rice and salt are currently enough, though under strict management, to support those IDPs and the newcomers,” Khu Pray Reh added. “However, within these months, we have not received assistance to buy chili and oil. So we have to manage with what we have and provide for the people as best we can with rice, salt, and beans.”

The IDP camp is currently accommodating over 2,000 IDPs who have fled their homes due to intensive fighting in Karenni State


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