Outbreak of Flu Among Children in Dee Maw Hso IDP Camps


Yaw Dar (Newsland)

A volunteer health worker has reported an outbreak of flu among children under the age of ten in displacement camps located along the Loi-nan-pha mountain range in the western part of Demawso township, Karenni state.

The outbreak began in June, coinciding with the start of the rainy season. There have been a significant number of flu cases in the camps and six nearby villages.

Daw Kee Lay, a volunteer health worker, confirmed the outbreak, particularly in IDP camps near the villages of Sawng-San, Sei-Bawng-Auk, Haw-Sha-Na, and Tee-San-Daw-Ywar-Thit.

“We estimate that about one-third of the children are experiencing symptoms like runny nose, cough, fever, and some kids even have Chickenpox-like symptoms,” she said.

On July 9th, only nine out of twenty preschool children in Sawng-San displacement camp were able to attend school.

Additionally, some adults are also experiencing flu symptoms, including fever, cough, runny nose, and some even have diarrhea lasting three to seven days.

“Despite the growing number of patients, acquiring medicine remains a challenge, and healthcare clinic are located far away. Some people lack transportation means, such as motorcycles, and those who do often cannot afford fuel. Under these circumstances, we strive to treat patients with the medicines that are available to us,” stated Daw Kee Lay.

The Sawng-san IDP camp, where the outbreak of flu happen, houses over 250 people from more than 60 households who have fled from areas including Dee Maw Hso, Loikaw, Ngwe-Taung, Nan-Mei-Khun, and Warri-Su-Plai. In the western part of Loi Nan Pha village, there are 16 other IDP camps and 12 local villages.


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