Military Council cheats IDPs in cruel charade after a fake food distribution for media propaganda

(After photos were take of providing aid to IDPs ,all the distributed food was confiscated from the displaced villagers Loikaw)

On March 25, the Military Council in Loikaw’s Nam Baw Wan Ward called for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to gather with the promise of a food distribution.

However, according to reports from the IDPs, the Military Council took the food back after the food packages that had already been distributed taking photographs of the recipients.

An IDP said that he gathered IDPs at a church in Nam Baw Wan Ward and took pictures of them distributing packets of chickpeas and rice.

“They gave small packets of chickpeas and rice. They took out the bags of rice from the kitchen and took pictures. Then they asked for the small packets of rice that had been given to the public, to be returned,” said an eyewitness IDP.

The IDPs explained that they had gone to collect the food under the impression that it was being distributed by the World Food Organization. However upon arrival, they discovered that the food was being distributed by the Military Council Local administration instead.

U Saw Hu Hu, Minister of Natural Resources of the Military Council, attended the food distribution site, according to an eyewitness.

Kayah State Media Facebook page, which covers news related to the Military Council, reported that the Kayah State Chief Minister, U Zaw Myo Tin, appointed by the Military Council, visited the areas where the IDPs had fled due to the fighting and provided them with basic food items, and addressed their immediate needs.


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