Aerial Bombardment Hits IDP Sheltering Village in Demoso West, Leaving 1 Dead and 3 Injured


Residents reported that at approximately 6:00 pm on March 28, a warplane bombed Daw Yauk Khu village in the western region of Demoso, located in Karenni State.

“I think it was around 6 o’clock. I heard the sound of a plane being shot. I think it was towards Daw Yauk Khu. Now I don’t hear the sound of bombing. I don’t hear the sound of artillery shells firing these days. There is no fighting during these days,” said a resident of Demoso west.

Initially, it was reported that a bombing incident resulted in the death of one civilian and left three others injured. The nature and extent of the injuries are currently under investigation by Kantarawaddy Times. The western region of Demoso is home to numerous internally displaced persons (IDPs) and local residents.

Daw Yauk Khu village, located west of Demoso, was hit by a fighter jet bombing on March 11, 2022, resulting in the death of two civilians and one injured.

Ground reports indicate that the Military Council’s reconnaissance aircraft was observed hovering approximately five times in the eastern region of Demoso earlier this evening.

On March 23, the Military Council carried out an airstrike on a timber industry site located in an undisclosed area of Bawlakhe township, which resulted in the deaths of three civilians and injuries to five others.

According to a press release from the Progressive Karenni People Force (PKPPF) on March 1, Karenni State had been targeted by 13 airstrikes in 2023 alone, while the Military Council had conducted a total of 197 airstrikes since the coup.


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