Military Council Announces Scheme to Reopen Loikaw Schools


By Kantarawaddy Times

The Military Council has allegedly opened a primary school in Loikaw, a man said, and is attempting to open a high school in the Karenni State capital for the 2024-2025 academic year, which begins soon.

The man who asked his name not be used in this publication claimed, “I heard they want to open the High School No-1 in the town but until now they haven’t summoned the teachers.”

The military junta’s telegram channels claimed that Burma army soldiers and municipal staff were repairing the high school on May 11. Schools across Burma will be accept applicants for class enrolment between May 23 and June 2.

“It’s difficult to send children to school for parents who live in displaced camps in other areas and it will be alright for kids to return to school after their parents return to Loikaw,” one parent living in the town informed Kantarawaddy Times.

Some of the displaced families have already returned to the outskirts of Loikaw from southern Shan state where they took refuge.

The junta mouthpiece MRTV claimed that U Zaw Myo Tin, the junta-appointed Kayah (Karenni) State chief prime minister, visited Loikaw town on May 11 where he assured government employees that the regime would provide them security and food rations. The junta also claimed that Burma army soldiers have begun reinstalling electricity and clearing roads in Loikaw.

However, with fighting ongoing between resistance forces, who currently control most of the town after launching 1111 on November 11 to force the Military Council from the capital and Karenni State, it seems impossible for the regime’s scheme to work without participation from these groups and the Interim Executive Council. This committee was established by revolutionary forces and civil societies nearly a year ago.


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