Military Council and Karenni resistance clash along the Thailand-Karenni Border


Colonel Phone Naing, the Adjutant General of the Karenni Army (KA), informed the Kantarawaddy a confrontation occurred between troops from the Military Council and the Karenni Army (KA) in close proximity to the Military Council camp situated along the Thailand-Karenni border. During the clash, the Military Council deployed aerial attack with a fighter jet on May 22nd.

The KA officer reported, “Our army and the Military Council troops clashed and it seems that the Military Council has suffered casualties, prompting them to request air force assistance. A fighter jet conducted two bombing runs. Our side remains unaffected, with no reported casualties,” Colonel Phone Naing said.

According to Colonel Phone Naing, there were no casualties reported in the Karenni Army. However, there might be casualties in the Military Council, but the exact details are still unknown.

The Military Council troops are making efforts to deliver food supplies to the camps situated on the Thai-Karenni border. However the Karenni Army frequently intercepts the Military Council troops during these supply missions. It is known that there are at least 10 Military Council camps situated along the Thai-Karenni border.

The Military Council troops are stockpiling food during the accessible period and utilizing land, sea, and air routes to deliver provisions to their bases.

According to the Ministry of Interior of the anti- coup Karenni State Government, over the course of more than two months of fighting on the east side of the Salween River between the Thailand-Karenni border, starting from early March, the Karenni Army’s landmine attacks, frontline camp assaults, and guerrilla attacks have resulted in the death of more than 40 Military Council troops.

During the month of May, skirmishes have been occurring in various areas of Karenni State, the Shan-Karenni border region and the eastern side of the Salween River along the Thai-Karenni border. Additionally, the Military Council has been conducting frequent airstrikes in these areas.


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